Terms and Conditions

AGB Landhaus Nordenau

1. Agreement. Unless expressly confirmed otherwise in writing by the hotel, changes to the contract and reservation are not permitted. Landhaus Nordenau is abbreviated as hotel. Changes are only possible if they are communicated in writing by letter, fax or e-mail.

2. Payment conditions Our invoices are payable on the day of invoicing without deduction. For every booking we require a credit card or a 50% deposit. We cannot accept a booking without credit card or deposit and will be canceled by the hotel. When paying on account, a payment term of 30 days applies. If this is not done or partially, the hotel will charge a default interest of 15% with a minimum of Euro 50 and a maximum of Euro 1,250. This overdue interest is deemed to have been increased by the invoice amount. If there are multiple bookings in a row and a booking is canceled by the guest, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the other bookings. The hotel does not provide any compensation.

3. Description The descriptions, sizes and colours, as well as information from photos and/or drawings in the offers and/or catalogs are purely informative and not binding.

4. Arrival and departure The accommodations are reserved for the guests from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by the guest by 11 a.m. on the day of departure. If a guest with a guaranteed reservation does not show up 23 hours after the scheduled arrival, the hotel is entitled to compensation. All booking costs are incurred, including all extra booked costs (eg dinner, rental bicycles, etc.).

5. Drinks and food It is forbidden to bring your own drinks and food into the hotel. In case of violation of this, the hotel can charge the customer 50% of an equivalent product from the hotel offer.

6. Smoking Smoking is prohibited in the entire hotel. In case of violation of this, an amount of 200 euros will be invoiced.

7. Electrical appliances Mobile phones, laptops and tablet PCs can be charged at the hotel. It is prohibited to charge or operate other devices with electricity (eg fan heaters). If this is violated, an amount of 20 euros per night will be charged.

8. Pets Pets are not allowed in the hotel. If the customer violates this rule, the hotel is entitled to unilaterally terminate the reservation, whereby the entire booking will be charged.

9. Complaints All claims with regard to accommodation, goods and/or the invoice, as determined by the guest during his stay at the hotel, must be reported as soon as possible, so that the hotel has the opportunity to resolve the complaint immediately . In any case, the complaint must be submitted, otherwise it will expire within eight days after delivery, service and/or invoice, by registered letter or confirmation of receipt from the hotel.

10. Force majeure In case of force majeure, unforeseen events concerning them and/or extraordinary circumstances, the hotel reserves the right to accommodate the customer in another accommodation without any form of compensation.

11. Damage All damage caused by the customer, both to the room, carpet, curtains, towels, bed linen, soap dispenser, television. Damage caused must be paid in cash on departure. He is personally liable for all damage caused by a guest with his vehicle in the hotel car park. This applies to damage to other cars and property outside the hotel. The hotel is not liable if a guest's vehicle is stolen in the hotel car park. The hotel is not responsible for theft or loss of the customer's personal belongings left in the hotel.

12. Legal Disputes In any legal dispute in which the action, service or contract takes place, the jurisdiction of Schmallenberg is solely responsible and then only in accordance with German law. The customer accepts these general terms and conditions at the time of booking, or at the latest upon receipt of the day of arrival. The customer declares to have taken note of these conditions. The hotel is entitled at any time and without notice to terminate the provision of catering and services to the guest. If the guest repeatedly violates the house rules, or otherwise in such a way that the order and tranquility in the catering industry and/or normal business operations are or are disrupted. The guest must then follow the first instructions from the hotel and leave the hotel.

13. Double booking by the customer The customer undertakes not to make different bookings at several hotels for the same period. This determination by the hotel of non-compliance with these terms and conditions or agreement by the guest, the hotel reserves the right of unilateral termination. Cancellation costs are the responsibility of the guest as defined in the cancellation policy, but with a minimum of 30% of the booked services at the time of notification by the hotel to the customer.